Are you a female entrepreneur? (Who actually feels a bit wanky calling herself an entrepreneur).

Who secretly dreams and sometimes not so secretly dreams of making a huge impact?

The problem is there’s only one of you and you generate ideas like Imelda Marcos collected shoes.

With a ‘slight’ hint of control freak, despite feeling as though you’re drowning in the most fluid to-do list that man has ever seen. You cannot bear to let anything go.

With a ‘slight’ hint of control freak, despite feeling as though you’re drowning in the most fluid to-do list that man has ever seen. You cannot bear to let anything go.

You find it difficult to surgically remove your hand from your phone.

You’re always on.

Checking for texts, facebook updates, twitter.

Just checking out what that person over there is doing….AGAIN….

You’re just so bloody busy….But you’re not really getting a huge amount done.

You’re not booking enough clients.

You’re not enjoying the treats you want to enjoy.

You’re not creating the programs you want to sell online.

You’re not having enough sex with your partner.

You’re not quite as present with the kids as you know you want to be.


You’re not changing the lives of the women you know you are supposed to be impacting.

If this is you, come closer.

We need to talk.

I help women who look just like I used to.

We’ll streamline the cacophony of ideas that are rolling around in that ginormous brain of yours.

So you feel clear about the direction you need to go into.

You’ll know exactly what you need to do to attract your dream clients. So you can stop beating yourself up with that big stick you periodically beat yourself with for not having ‘made it’ yet.

I’ll teach you how to package up your serious skills so your dream clients find you irresistible.

And I’ll teach you how to market the shit out of it in a way that will feel fun and authentic as you learn to share why the hell people need to get a piece of you.

I believe in one thing and one thing only…

Okay well I believe in love and serving the world and being kind to animals too.

But the one thing I say to my kids every single night without fail is FAITH + ACTION = MIRACLES.

I know you.

You were put on this earth to do something special.

You’re ready to make an impact, but sometimes you get lost in all the doing and there’s a bit of you that wonders if it really is possible.

I’m here to tell you that it is.

And as we build up your confidence again, and have you taking the strategic steps you need to grab hold of those dreams by the balls. You will marvel at the miracles you see yourself creating every single day.



The Bit That Makes Me Legit

In just two and a half years I went from taking an face to face hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing business working with 6 – 8 clients a month. To working on a global business that has served thousands of women across 6 different continents with The Calm Birth School Video Program.

I have worked with over 100 pre and postnatal specialists to help them hone their unique voice and surpass their personal and professional goals.

Became a TEDx Speaker.

Featured expert in industry magazines such as Mother & Baby Magazine.

And secured a publishing deal with Hay House.

I know my shiz…wanna play?