(Or so you’ve been told…)

Are you a Pre or Postnatal Specialist who is
Sick of Wondering Where Your Next Client is Coming From?

  • You’re working hard but getting tired of waiting for the mystical ‘baby business marketing fairy’ to sprinkle her magic dust over your business.
  • You love your work but the only track playing in the radio of your brain is “…but-where’s-the-next-client-coming-from?”
  • When is your business going to get traction? When are you FINALLY going to grasp this whole marketing-your-business-is-easy mantra everyone is talking about?

What the hell do I know?


Just two short years ago I was threatening to jack it all in and get a job (secretly hoping my husband wouldn’t agree that it was the best idea).

I totally freaked out at even the tiniest bit of wastage from my children’s dinner plates because I was so petrified about where the next contribution was coming from.

And I hated feeling like I was lying through my teeth when EVERYONE – especially the in laws insisted on asking me on a minute by minute basis how everything was going with the business. Fake smile plastered on face and ‘fine’ through gritted teeth, hoping that my husband hadn’t already given the game away.

I knew that I needed to do something differently if I was going to succeed. But I wasn’t sure what. Then I saw a marketing course being advertised that felt like was my last chance. I had to learn from people who had done it before and been successful… and so I took the plunge.

$2000 USD on my credit card for a an 8 week course that promised to help me figure out my marketing woes whether I was a serviced based bricks and mortar business or starting out online. That $2000 USD was the best investment I had ever made.

I’ve since gone on to spend more than 10x that on developing my business and I don’t regret a penny.

And I LOVE being able to distill everything I learnt that has been most beneficial and relevant to me growing my business and brands and sharing those success secrets with you.

Because after launching the world’s first video based hypnobirthing program, working with over 650 pregnant women in just 21 months, being featured within the pages of The Guardian Newspaper, The Mirror Online, BBC London Radio, and most recently Mother and Baby Magazine there are lots of things I can’t wait to share with you about building your brand AND making money doing what you are most passionate about.

As the Founder of The Calm Birth School I’ve graced the TEDx stage talking about “How Snapchat Can Change the Way We Give Birth Forever,” and I’m proud to be published as a Hay House author of The Calm Birth School book.

Are you ready to create your own baby business that packs a punch?

Well, I’m here to tell you that the stork just flew in carrying a beautiful, bouncing bundle of joyful news for you!

Allow me to introduce….
The Baby Business School: Book Clients + Be Seen E-Course

A 7 module program that shows pre and postnatal specialists how to market their business both on and offline so you can finally (drum roll please…)


Hear What Other AMAZING Baby Business School Students Are Saying:



Suzy’s course is exactly what I needed to set my business off on the right foot. Having never worked for myself before, I learnt how to target my birth empowerment course to the people who truly resonate with what I teach. It’s been a fantastic experience. My confidence has soared. I can’t recommend the course highly enough!

– Katie Edwards, Birth You in Love | Manchester, UK



The best money I have ever spent on my business, in fact some of the best money I have ever spent on myself too.
I’ve learnt so much from Suzy and the other women in the group it genuinely blows my mind on a daily basis.

– Ray Dodd , Kent Hypnobirthing | Kent, UK

Look, you and I know you’re bloody brilliant at what you do and your services are amazing.

BUT you’re super stressed about getting more clients.

And there have been more than just a couple of days of late when you’ve wondered whether you should just give up.

You’re so used to running around trying to fit everything in, the kids tea, the school run, the cleaning, the admin, the ‘getting yourself out there,’ but it’s just not working, is it?

So now’s the time to make a decision. Carry on doing what you have been doing for the last 1, 2, 3……10 years and hope that things will suddenly change. Or take a leap of faith and follow a proven formula to start growing your baby business today.

Now that I have your attention, let’s start to shift the way you see yourself in your business.

The Baby Business School will give you…

  • The sense of relief that comes with having a plan.
  • The confidence you need to create marketing content that feels and sounds like you AND gets you in front of your ideal clients.
  • The excitement that comes when client’s and opportunities to grow your business seem to appear out of nowhere!
  • A sense of pride as you finally get to help more women AND pay your way.


The Baby Business School
Module-by-Module Details

Module 1: Own Your Business Mindset

  • Before you write one word about your ideal client, we start with you. In this module, you will gain total clarity on who you are, what you want to be known as and what you want from your business.
  • After that comes why. Why you want it and then I will share with you my favourite mindset hacks for keeping you from falling down the rabbit hole of self doubt so that you have the confidence to keep going even when times are tough. Frankly, this is probably the most important work you will do in this course!
  • You will be guided by step-by-step, easy to follow action points that will help you get to the heart of how you want to serve your clients and what makes you unique as a practitioner. The nuggets you uncover here are pure gold that will be woven through all of your marketing communications to definitively distinguish you from the rest of the pack.

Module 2: Become a Client Magnet

  • In this module, you will identify and talk directly to your ideal clients. You will discover that your ideal clients are not only pregnant women or new mums and, furthermore, they aren’t all hanging out in the same Facebook groups.
  • Get clear on your ideal client and speak to her in her own language and, BOOM! You will soon notice that she will spot you in the crowd of other service providers and know instantly why she HAS to work with you immediately. That’s right! You will actually become a client magnet, attracting an abundance of business and even more referrals.

Module 3: How to Easily Start Blogging with BIG Impact

  • Finding your unique voice is one of the most important elements of marketing yourself both on and offline. Even if blogging isn’t your thing, finding your voice and sharing your opinion is a critical element to attracting your ideal client.
  • I will share my “secret sauce” for successful blogging along with additional effective strategies to get your message out there and your voice heard.

Module 4: Bringing Your Offline Magic Online

  • Online marketing can feel like an alien world to some practitioners, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Youtube, Email lists.. At best, a bit overwhelming, at worst you feel like this just isn’t the space for you. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.
  • In fact, I’m here to tell you, you know exactly what to do and have already been doing it offline for years.
  • In this module, you’ll learn exactly how to bring your offline skills into the online world. Increasing your reach and influence with the people who will be recommending your courses and buying your programs.

Module 5: Being Visible with Vlogging

  • Vlogging is HUGE right now. With Periscope, Facebook Live and now Snapchat. If you’re not sharing your voice live on video right now you are missing a HUGE opportunity.
  • I will share exactly how to create engaging content that your audience loves. Which eventually leads to them buying from you.

Module 6: Building Your Authentic Tribe

  • Community isn’t just an email list. Community is about engagement, support and encouragement – something that is already integral to your practice.
  • This module will guide you through the ABC’s of building both on and offline communities to create a tribe of loyal followers that look to you for help, support, advice and, most importantly, services!

Module 7: Creating a Banging Sales Funnel

  • This module looks at what a sales funnel is and why it’s vital to your business whether you are trading on or offline.
  • How to nurture your customer journey and experience and how this can radically transform your business.


Plus, practical business bonuses you won’t learn at University…

Website Masterclass with Gemma Regaldo Hawkeye

I love this topic so much! During this masterclass we break down the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to creating websites that sell. There be gold in this masterclass!

Value: £149

The Key To Manifestation: Mini Masterclass

What I know to be true is that without the right mindset, even the best strategies fail and hand in hand with mindset walks manifestation. So sit back and relax while I talk you through my own step by step process for manifesting clients, book deals, TEDx talks and a whole lot more.

Value: Priceless

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Facebook Ads Mini Masterclass

There are many mistakes that I see being made with FB ads and if you’re not ready, or able, to invest in support here are my top 3 mistakes you need to avoid today if you want to stop throwing your money down the drain. Plus a private Facebook group with ongoing support from moi!

Value: £149

How to Write a Great About Page

I’ll share with you my step by step formula for creating a killer about page. Did you know it’s the second most visited page on your website? That will leave your ideal client wishing they could go and drink wine with you…after the baby arrives of course. 🙂 Your about page should scream who you are and if it doesn’t you’re leaving clients knocking on over people’s doors.

Value: £149

Email Marketing 101

Facebook and social media platforms are amazing, but if you’re only promoting yourself on them, you’re definitely putting all of your eggs in one basket and that’s never great for business. With my email marketing 101 masterclass I’ll show you how I get a 64% open rate week after week for my weekly newsletters and have sold thousands of pounds worth of services.

Value: £49

Total Value: £496

The Baby Business School Snapshot

  • 7 Weeks of Video, PDF, and Audio Training
  • The Baby Business School Workbook
  • An amazing community in a private Facebook Group
  • And lots of love and encouragement from myself and fellow business owners to guide you through each week!

It’s time to shorten your learning curve and get quick results just like these other AMAZING business owners:



I would just like to say, this shit works. Those of you self doubting and wondering whether it can happen for you – it can and it will. I had my first enquiry from a FB ad in THREE HOURS. I’d never had any before!

– Rena Louise Gough, The Happy Birthing Company | Salford, UK



These women inspire and motivate me EVERY Day. And I must say that my income has tripled since I started the course.

– Anthonissa Moger, The Hypnobirthing Midwife | London, UK

Join The Baby Business School

If you’re ready to build your sustainable business then enrol below!
Total Value of This Program: £999

Price: £449

Your Investment £449

2 Payments of £225

3 Payments of £150


Your Investment £449


2 Payments of £225


3 Payments of £150



    • Click the enrol NOW button
    • Make your payment and you will be directed to a page to join The Baby Business School
    • Complete your subscription, then you will receive a WELCOME email within the hour along with the first module and all of the access details for the other modules.

(If you experience any challenges, please don’t hesitate to email me at hey@suzyashworth.com)

Guarantee and The Finer Details

If upon completion of the first module you feel that you haven’t learned anything new, or are not completely satisfied, a complete refund of your investment will be made, no questions asked. Refunds require completed homework from module one be submitted within 14 days of purchasing the course.


More Kind Words From Happy Business Owners:



A tribe of women who raise each other up and are routing for each other to succeed. I’ve never felt so empowered and supported.

– April Austin | Milton Keynes, UK



I was ready to move forward with my business and The Baby Business School was about being in the right place at the right time. I have now positioned myself at the top end of my market your encouragement and clarity about how to change things up made the biggest difference to me. Thank you. I would definitely recommend the course to new and existing baby business owners. Thank you so much! www.babynomad.net

– Julie Bickerton | Lincolnshire, UK

With The Baby Business School You Will Master:

    • All of the essentials of marketing your business both on and offline, the things that your professional training simply didn’t cover.
    • You will learn how to make your competition irrelevant as you implement the lessons that show you how to stand out and be seen by your ideal clients.
    • Leave your scarcity mentality behind as you gain confidence and charge your worth.
    • Map out a six month marketing strategy and remove doubt about exactly what steps you need to take to ensure you are visible and selling without being sleazy.
    • Finally learn how to grow your Facebook fans in a way that translates into clients without being constantly chained to your laptop.

This stuff works even if up until now you have been completely allergic to sales and marketing and the word “online” makes you feel as though you’re stepping into outer space.

With ongoing support in the Facebook group from me and nearly 100 other Baby Business Schoolers and my step-by-step processes for every module even your granny could get her head around how to take your business to the next level.


It’s funny because I know that only small percentage of the people who have landed on this page will choose to take the next step. But for the majority of the people they will wonder if this next step is the right step.

  • They will question the investment.
  • They will see if they can muddle through just a little bit longer hoping things will pick up.
  • They will spend hours of their life on Google to trying to find a tutorial that makes sense to them.
  • They will carry on smiling through gritted teeth as they continue over giving and under-earning.

And then there will be some who realise this is EXACTLY what they have been looking for.

Just give yourself a minute to imagine what life would be like if you knew what the next step was.

You could create a plan of action you know will help your business grow as you stop feeling scared about sales and marketing and start to feel confident about charging what you are worth.

Imagine sitting there with your parents-in-law wishing, hoping and excited about them asking you how business is going and you can’t wait to hit them with every last detail of the last three months of hard work.

Imagine enjoying long overdue treat days, without an ounce of guilt because you’ve earned it.

Imagine savings in the bank for the first time in what feels like so long.

Imagine the sense of freedom that knowing where your next client is coming from brings.

It feels great, right?

Are you ready to join the family?

Join The Baby Business School and start building your sustainable business today!
Total Value of This Program: £999

Price: £449

Your Investment £449

2 Payments of £225

3 Payments of £150


Your Investment £449


2 Payments of £225


3 Payments of £150


Who should enrol in The Baby Business School?

  • You’re a pre or postnatal specialist
  • You’re great at what you do, but you are not attracting enough clients… sometimes you even wonder if you should just give it all up
  • You have built up some contacts who pass on referrals sporadically, however you know that you could have much more control of your business’ success if you could just figure out how to make online work for you
  • You’re just starting out and want to avoid overwhelm and cut straight to the fundamentals that will help you make a splash within your market right from the start
  • You know you have a message that your clients need to hear, but feel nervous about saying what you really think
  • Your offerings are solid, but you don’t know how to package things up in an attractive way

Who should not enrol in The Baby Business School?

  • Anyone who is expecting a magic wand to “fix” their business
  • Anyone who is unwilling to do the work needed to succeed
  • Anyone who is not prepared to continue implementing the lessons once the course is finished

Join The Baby Business School

Start building your sustainable business today!
Total Value of This Program: £999

Price: £449

Your Investment £449

2 Payments of £225

3 Payments of £150


Your Investment £449


2 Payments of £225


3 Payments of £150